Intricate Tray

$54.00 - $59.00
  • Intricate Tray
  • Intricate Tray

Roll your 🍃 in style with this beautiful & completely customizable Rolling Tray... and don’t be fooled, this tray can be used for soooo much more than the sticky icky. Tray comes with a matching roach clip. Make it a set with a matching ashtray!

Choice of up to 6 colors
Silver or Gold Foil
Elaborate Vinyl Cut

Once we receive your confirmation, we’ll reach out via email to gather additional information (color choices, patterns, etc) regarding your order.

**PLEASE NOTE: Resin Rolling Trays are a handcrafted item that takes generally 4-8 days to create and completely cure before handling. Please allow that crafting time along with 3-5 business days for shipping.**